Excitement Among Herders As US Mission Outlines Plans For Cattle

There is growing excitement among herders in Nigeria as the US mission has unveiled certain plans for cattle in Nigeria.

Excitement among herders as plan for dairy products revealed

The U.S Mission to Nigeria has expressed a keen interest in investing in cow milk. This announcement was made on its verified Twitter handle on Monday.

The issue about RUGA in the southwest and Southeast has been a cause of major concern, with people like Sunday Igboho and others working quite hard to see that the Fulani herders completely move out of the South West and South East.

Now the United States under the administration of President Joe Biden has shown positive steps, in reaching out to the natives in Nigeria, with the target plan of investing in the production of 10,000 liters of milk per day.

This collaboration with consultants from Lagos will contribute a great deal to Nigeria’s economic development, as well as significantly broaden its economy.

Ikon dairy farm plans to reach 10,000 liters of milk daily with cows from the USA. A great collaboration with Consulate Lagos helps Nigeria grow and diversify its economy.

If these plans are properly implemented, it will go a long way in dousing the constantly rising tension in the country due to herdsmen and farmer clashes; the excitement among herders is justified.

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