Ex President’s Son Commits Suicide In Mexico


Son of ex Mexican President, Avaro Echeverria Zuno has killed himself in his home in the state of Morelos, south of Mexico City.

According to a statement by the local prosecutor’s office, 71 years old Avaro Echeverria Zuno, killed himself and the reason for such an act is yet to be known.

Avaro Echeverria Zuno’s father Luis Echeverria Alvarez was known for a lot of unpleasantness while he led the country from 1970-1976. At that time, a lot of targeted assassinations, students’ disappearance and other atrocities were recorded in the political arena of Mexico.

One of the most unfortunate events that occurred under his watch as President was the killing of unarmed protesting students by soldiers and undercover agents.

Though the number of the students had not been known till now, Echevarria eventually faced genocide charges and was sentenced to house arrest but eventually got conditional freedom because of his age.

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