Etinosa Calls Tboss Out For Comment on Moustache

Highly opinionated actress Idemudia Etinosa calls Tboss out after she made what was deemed an insensitive statement on women who had moustaches.

The exchange between the two women started when the BBnaija ‘See Gobbe’ star opined that women had no business entertaining moustaches on their face. In her Instagram stories, she wrote,

“Dear females, you see that strip of hair on top of your lip yeah? Yessss, that moustache, take it off. Please take it off. Some of y’all got so much hair, I be confused if you’re a man or woman.”

Etinosa Calls Tboss Out For Comment on Moustache

This post garnered attention from fans and trolls alike, many of whom believed that Tboss was insensitive to make a post like that without understanding everyone’s struggle. One of those irritated by Tboss’ comment was her colleague, Etinosa who minced no words while calling her out on Instagram.

According to Etinosa, the comment from Tboss was insensitive because there are women like her who were suffering from medical conditions that causes them to have moustaches. She also advised Tboss to read up on an issue before making ignorant comments.

Finally, she dismissed Tboss by saying that if she got a simiar comment from someone, she’d be the one making videos and crying.

Etinosa Calls Tboss Out For Comment On Moustache
Etinosa Calls Tboss Out For Comment on Moustache

After being blasted from all corners of the internet, Tboss attempted to defend herself by posting a pictures from a faceless follower who seemed to agree with her, noting that women with moustaches are unattractive to heterosexual men.

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