Erica Reveals Multiple Hats She Wears

It looked like today is s good day for the elites as Erica shares multiple hats she wears on Twitter.

The disqualified housemate who has been basking in multiple endorsement deals left her account on the microblogging app lying fallow fr a while especially seeing that her fans were going overboard with the fans wars and negativity.

Erica Reveals Multiple Hats She Puts on in Her Life

After taking the well deserved social media break, she resumed posting but not as regularly as she did. The actress recently took to her twitter page to remind her followers of the multiple hats she wears in relation to her creative and entrepreneurial side. she wrote,

“I’m an actress, a brand ambassador, a lifestyle and travel influencer, an entrepreneur, I also have an NGO, I have a YouTube page, right now my focus is on acting and being a brand ambassador, I’m one human being and I will focus on what’s relevant to my stage in life at a time”

Erica Reveals Multiple Hats She Wears 1
Erica Reveals Multiple Hats She Wears

This was most likely directed to the trolls who have nosily inquired about the acting career Erica raved about in the house.


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