Erica Picks Location for Holiday

Reality TV star, Erica Nlewedim, has taken to social media to pick a country for her holiday.

The queen of the elites took to her official Twitter page on Tuesday, 30th of March to make her decision for holiday known.

She mentioned Philippines as her choice for holiday which got media personality, Kaylah Oniwo, to show her interest in the tour as well as singer, Ric Hassani.

The Nollywood actress tweeted, “I need to go to the Philippines for a holiday!”

Kaylah in her reply to the tweet wrote, “Let’s go !”

Erica Picks Phillipines As Holiday Spot
Erica picks Phillipines as holiday spot

An Elite also stated there are a lot of great places to tour in the country which made the self-styled star girl to inquire about the best tourist holiday spots.

In other news, Erica has subscribed to an idea by another fan. The twitter user @bodungirl wrote, “Elites, Don’t You Guys Think We Should Celebrate Elites For Erica One Year Anniversary This July for Our Girl? #EliteBusinessWorld”

She then replied, “I’d love to celebrate our anniversary. ♥️ x Elite league one year!”

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