Enugu Catholic Bishop Sends Memebers Home Over Face Mask

Enugu Catholic Bishop

Some Sunday service attendees who went to church yesterday were sent back home by The Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Most Reverend Callistus Onaga because they appeared without having a face mask on.

Some of the worshipers who came to commemorate this year’s world communications Day at the Holy Ghost Cathedral, in Enugu got a shock of their lives as the Bishop took it upon himself to ensure strict compliance of the face mask-wearing order.

The Enugu Catholic Bishop expressed dismay over the total disregard to an instruction meant to protect individuals from contracting the deadly Coronavirus that has kept ravaging the world wince 2019.

Coronavirus has killed over 346,761 people across the world and about 226 of this fatality are from Nigeria where the number of confirmed cases has risen to 7,839, with 2,263 recoveries.

Public gathering including religious gatherings and business activities have seen been banned in most parts of Nigeria with medical practitioners battling the community spread of the virus.

During the ban of social gatherings, Christians celebrated easter while Muslim celebrated Sallah in unusual ways, as they could not gather in churches, mosques or at recreation centres as it is been done annually.

President Muhammadu Buhari after partially easing the lockdown announced a compulsory wearing of face masks to protect individuals who have to need to go into public space, but compliance with that order seems to be imperfect.

Despite the measure put in place by the government and several sensitisation programs, the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus is on an alarming increase and Lagos State has maintained its spot as the country’s epic centre of the virus.

The recent update released by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC shows that the country now recorded a total of 313 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus from 17 states of the federation.

6- Plateau
3-Akwa Ibom

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