#EndSARS: Protester Arrested at Lekki Toll Gate

In a one year memorial of the #EndSARS protests that occurred on the 20/10/2020, which resulted in the death of some Nigerian youths, a protester has been arrested at Lekki Toll Gate in the early hours of today, Wednesday 20/10/2021.

The #EndSARS protests that rocked the nation last year occurred to protest police brutality in different states of the country. The protests came to an apex on 20/10/20 when filmed on protesters’ phones, such as DJ Switch that protesters were shot at.

Various youths had prepared to come out en masse in multiple states to commemorate the day. There was to be a prepared gathering at the Lekki toll gate where youths would remain in the cars to commemorate the one-year memorial.

#Endsars: Protester Arrested At Lekki Toll Gate
#EndSARS: Protester Arrested at Lekki Toll Gate

Okechuckwu Peter, a protester who had exclaimed ‘Remember those that were killed,’ was arrested today in the early hours of today at the Lekki Toll Gate where military personnel were gathered.

The Police State Command of Lagos had said before that there would be no street protest in the state.

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