Empress Njamah Throws Posthumous Birthday Party For Ada Ameh’s Daughter

Emotions went wild as Nollywood actress, Empress Njamah throws posthumous birthday party for Ada Ameh’s daughter.

Ada Ameh ,popular for her role as Emu Johnson in the popular Nigerian series, ‘the Johnsons’ lost her only child, Aladi in October and has been grieving her loss since then. According to the reports, late Aladi died in Abuja during a medical procedure.

The makeup artist was supposed to have her birthday on Sunday, the 14th of December before she passed on and to celebrate her, Empress Njamah decided to throw a birthday party for her with the attendance of close friends and family.

Empress Njamah has stood by Ada Ameh through her loss and has been doing her very best to ensure that her grieving colleague was doing okay and this party is yet another show of immense support.

Sharing the clip of the party on her instagram, Empress said that she had to plan the party over night just to make sure everything was ready in time. From the video clip shared, we could see that Ada Ameh was overwhelmed with emotions as she saw her friends who had gathered to celebrate her late daughter. While sharing pictures from the event on Instagram Empress wrote,

ALL I CAN SAY IS THANK YOU ALL,OVER N OVER,DIDN’T KNOW ADA WOULD HAVE TIME TO READ COMMENTS,trust me when I say it made her feel good,all your prayers and words of encouragement.From my heart GOD BLESS U ALL … Amen ……#ladi @lalas_ touch keep resting my baby girl

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