Emmanuella Buys New Car, Announces With Crazy Pictures

Nigerian young female comedian, Emmanuella, has just gotten for herself a new car and her way of announcing it was funny and crazy.

The child comedian who has so far done so well for herself in the industry posted some pictures she took with the black Lexus 570 SUV car.

The not only beautiful but quite expensive car is her first official car she will be announcing in her name.

The picture of a lady she posed with chocking her is one of the images that has gotten her fans and many others talking.

Why she received a flood of congratulatory messages on her new purchase, others cautioned the said lady not to kill their favourite comedian.

This is not the first significant purchase Emmanuella will acquiring in her name, because she announced building her mother a house in 2020.

The announcement of building the new house, made many people wonder where she got the money to embark on such project from.

However, her management, Mark Angel Comedy, came to her defence, stating that she has a capable bank statement that can comfortably get her even a bigger edifies.

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