Emmanuel Ikubese and Anita Brows in Divorce Rumours

Barely a year into their marriage, celebrity couple, Emmanuel Ikubese and Anita Brows, his wife spark divorce rumours.

The actor and his makeup expert wife triggered their divorce rumours after they unfollowed each other on Instagram, and Anita took of the surname, ‘Ikubese’, from her Instagram bio.

Emmanuel Ikubese And Anita Brows In Divorce Rumours 1
Emmanuel Ikubese and Anita Brows Unfollow Each Other

Emmanuel Ikubese and Anita Brows Marriage

In the middle of the rumours, bloggers have also accused the couple of cheating within their marriage which in turn caused a strain on their relationship.

One blogger with the name, ‘gistcove‘ alleged that Emmanuel has been cheating on Anita for a while with other colleagues in Nollywood but claimed that Anita is not a saint because she was also in the business of destroying homes from Dublin to Lagos before she got married to him.

Emmanuel Ikubese And Anita Brows In Divorce Rumours 2

The intensity of these accusations has left their fans in a state of shock as many who saw them as the perfect couple could not believe they had unfollowed each other already.

None of them has made any public statement on the accusation but we will surely bring updates.


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