Electronic Voting in Nigeria to Begin Soon INEC Says

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is making plans to introduce electronic voting in Nigeria from 2021. In a policy document signed by the INEC Chairman Mahmood Yakubu, it stated that the electronic voting will not be implemented for elections that will hold in 2020.

Speaking on the voters registration exercise suspension, the Chairman explained that the decision was made to protect people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Electronic Voting in Nigeria to Begin Soon INEC Says

Mahmood Yakubu acknowledged the relevance of including technology applications in the electoral process. He assured Nigerians of his commitment to including relevant technology as time progresses.

In the statement, the INEC Chairman explained that the inclusion of e-platforms will include some other operation aside voting and voters registration. He mentioned that the accreditation of observers and deployment to fields will be automated also.

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Electronic Voting in Nigeria to Begin Soon INEC Says

Some other operations to be carried out on the e-platform will include:

  1. Submission of nomination forms by political parties for candidates
  2. Tracking and reporting campaigns
  3. Campaign finances
  4. Submission of party agents lists by political parties
  5. Accreditation and deployment of observers
  6. Receive applications for election observation exclusively online

Still explaining the positive effect of introducing the electronic voting system, the INEC Chairman said that proper review will be implemented as the data will be available. This will enable improved allocation of resources. He made an example saying past performances and level of compliance to guidelines will determine the number of observers to be used.

Electronic Voting in Nigeria to Begin Soon INEC Says: COVID-19 Reasons

Mahmood Yakubu pointed out that the electoral officials will put in place, all the different steps required to protect themselves and the voters from COVID-19. This he mentioned will include the use of use infrared thermometers at the Registration Area Collation Centres, the Local Government Area Collation Centres and the State Collation Centres. He mentioned also that the use of nose masks is now mandatory.

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