Eid Al Fitr Blues: 3 Important Pieces of Advice for Our Muslim Neighbors and Friends

Barka da Sallah, people.

If you are reading this now, you’re definitely back home from Eid prayers. And depending on how big or small the celebration around your house is, you’re probably chewing on a big chunk of meat, crunching on homemade chinchin (Don’t you dare underestimate the value of homemade chinchin; so sad Minimie is all I have.), and sipping zobo, kunu or one carbonated drink or the other. Before you step out of the house for visitations or outdoor fun activities, pay close attention to the following advice your non-Muslim would love you to know.

No Lectures, Please Dear

Small Sallah or Big Sallah. Ram Sallah or Chicken Sallah. Most of your non-Muslim friends either know the difference or don’t really care. They just want to wish you a happy celebration, get done with it, and ask about the ram meat. There are a number of things you can do(like give them meat and food and drinks) or say (like say “thank you”, chuckle, and leave room for awkward silence if you may). But a lecture on the difference between Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Kabir shouldn’t come up.

Don’t Hold Back on the Food

Food is an important part Sallah. After all, Ramadan just ended and you have to admit it, your non-Muslim friends and neighbors tried to be discreet with food and dirty talk around you during the fasting period. Now it’s sallah, so why not, in the immortal words of PSquare, bring it on?

No Overfeeding, Please

Woah, Okay okay. Slow it down a bit. Just because I said bring the food on doesn’t mean you should try to choke your friends. You leave room for other Muslim friends who would want to supply more food. Guess what’s better than food on Sallah day? – Variety of food!

Eid Mubarak, once again.

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