Edo Women Defy COVID-19, Join Igboho To Sack Horror Herdsmen

A major outcry is beginning to rise all over the country over the recent spate of seemingly incessant attacks on innocent people by herders or herdsmen, horror that is incessantly sweeping across the country.

Edo women are the the latest to join the outcry that demands for an immediate change in the situation of things in the country.

Edo women take to the streets in protest

Edo women have had enough of the menace that is spreading across the country by alleged herdsmen and have decided to become the latest force in the push to put an end to the violence.

“Herdsmen must go!”, they chanted as they filled the streets, in defiance of National COVID-19 health protocol, in a massive move to register their displeasure about the state of the Nation.

Now-popular Yoruba activist, Sunday Adeyemo alias Igboho, has recently become the unofficial face behind the movement to end herders attacks in the South West region of the country. Perhaps he is also serving as an inspiration to others to take their lives in their own hands as it seems like the government is helpless about the situation.

In one of the most recent instances of the terror posed by the herdsmen, a suspected rapist was pummelled to a coma by an irate mob on Monday, after he raped a young lady in Akure, the Ondo State capital.

As if raping her was not enough, he proceeded to gorge out the eyes of the young woman in what turned out to be a gory and weakening sight. That occurrence would be enough to fuel the anger of even the meekest souls.

There are so many questions that are yet unanswered, but now it seems the people are tired of asking questions and are beginning to take action by themselves. If the government is not acting, then they might as well act themselves.

Sunday Igboho apparently blazed the trail; Edo women and mothers are now the other prime example.

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