Ebuka’s Judging Matters: Thrift Coordinator Cries Out

Ebuka’s Judging matters

Ebuka’s Judging Matters has gradually become a haven for Lagos State residents as they now run to the reality TV show to seek immediate legal solutions, to issues that could turn out bloody if not quickly settled.

In the last episode of Ebuka’s Judging Matters, a thrift coordinator cried out after one of the persons taking part in a weekly contribution failed to contribute after taking her share of the thrift.

The plaintiff, Ngozi Okafor, sought the help of Justice Olusola Williams and General Counsel Ebuka- Obi Echendu to get the N80,0000 she used in covering up the vacuum created by a defaulting thrift member.

Plantiff Ngozi Okafor
Plantiff Ngozi Okafor

It has become a regular thing in this part of the world for people to come together to contribute an agreed amount of money, periodically in a common purse and the contributed amount would be given to each member of the group one after the other until it goes round.

In some languages, in Nigeria, it is called “ajo, esusu” among many others. So this ajo, esusu, thrift or contribution as you may like to call it was done between 12 people who contribute N10,000 weekly.

This means that each member would collect the sum of N120,000 weekly, but the rotation developed hiccups after the fourth week.

According to Okafor, who coordinates the thrift, the defendant Ruth Odafe who was a member was the fourth to collect the thrift, and since she collected the fourth week, she stopped contributing.

Okafor told Ebuka and Justice Olusola that when she asked Odafe about the money she said her business was not doing well and she does not have money for that week.

As the coordinator, she decided to pay the money so as not to disorganise the rotation and the well-arranged thrift.

She had to continue paying for Odafe for the remaining eight weeks left for the contribution, and her grouse was that she still refused to pay back and this time Ebuka’s Judging Matters was the last result.

When asked, Odafo said it was true that she owed eight rounds of the contribution amounting to N80,000, but it was not intentional. According to her, she was unable to pay because her business was not doing well.

Defendant, Ruth Odafo
Defendant, Ruth Odafo

She, however, stated that she would not be paying back the money until the plaintiff pays fr the phone she spilt when she came to her house asking to collect her money back.

Odafo said Okafor hit her phone where she kept it and since then her phone has been malfunctioning, and until she repairs the phone, she was not going to pay her her N80,000.

This clause did not go well with Bothe Justice Olusola and Ebuka who feel she was unfair and unreasonable with her stand.

Without wasting time, Justice Olusola ruled that either of them could have caused the phone image as with her explanation, it was not done with malicious intentions.

Therefore, Odafor was asked to pay Okafor her N80,000 as soon as possible, because she collected her the thrift when it was her turn to as contributed by other members of the group.

In case you want to join a group for thrift, be sharp and check the temperature of the group members. Thanks to Ebuka, the regular host of BBNaija reality show.

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