Ebola Returns, Kills 1 Person

Amid a global pandemic that arose from the rapid spread of a virus, another virus that threatened to ravage an entire continent in previous years has reemerged, with a renewed threat.

Ebola broke out in West Africa in 2014 and put a strain on the continent’s capabilities to handle a health crisis. COVID-19 has totally stretched the same powers, and now this virus has reared its ugly head again.

Ebola returns, claims one life.

Sad to say, but indeed, Ebola returns. A new case was identified near Butembo, in the eastern part of DRC, the Democratic Republic of Congo. This identification of the virus comes just three months after the country announced an end of the virus.

This new case signals the beginning of the DRCs twelfth outbreak since the virus was first discovered in 1976 near the Ebola River.

Health minister, Eteni Longondo said that the deceased died in Butembo, two days after she exhibited symptoms of the virus.

Longondo also revealed that the victim was married to a man who had contracted Ebola in a previous outbreak.

Furthermore, the health ministry has also been able to track down about 70 people who were in contact with the deceased, and the places she visited are being disinfected.

Ebola returns, and it remains to be seen how the DRC will deal with it. Is the rest of Africa safe?

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