E-Money Replies Man Who Questioned His Source Of Wealth

Popular Nigerian businessman and socialite, Emeka Okonkwo better known as E-Money, replied a Zimbabwean man who questioned his source of wealth and likened it to the late Ginimbi.

The Zimbabwean Instagram user wrote, “Those who pretend to be rich y’all guilt of sacrifices human parts, I give this dude 1yr only y’all see whats going to happen, he’s following Ginimbi same squad”

E-Money then replied, “May God forgive you”

E-Money Replies Man Who Questioned His Source Of Wealth 1

Recall that popular Zimbabwean socialite, Ginimbi Kadungure’s death broke the internet a few months ago.

The businessman owned a lot of exotic cars as well as mansions which he flaunts on social media.

Ginimbi Likened To E-Money By A Zimbabwean Man
Ginimbi likened to E-Money by a Zimbabwean man

Ginimbi died in an autocrash that also involved some of his friends in his Rolls Royce. He died heading to the club and he was really happy and telling people what’s gonna happen and all that.

A casket was also found in Ginimbi’s house which was said to have been bought a week to his death.

This and other revelations got people talking as some alleged that he belonged to the illuminati group.

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