Drama as Elites Crash Company’s Website

It was such a huge drama on social media when Erica’s fans, “the Elites” crashed a company’s website a few hours after the company announced the ex-BBNaija housemate as their Queen.

The jewellery company, Swarovski, had earlier hinted about who people think their new Sparkle Queen to be unveiled on Friday will be, and many could not find any other person they other than Erica.

As scheduled, the company announced their new deal with the reality TV star and actress at noon on Friday, February 4, 2021, only for the company’s website to develop issues.

When the drama became intense, Erica the new Sparkle Queen took to her Twitter page to ask a seriously salvage question.

She asked; “How it started, how it’s going. Elites how can you crash a website just a few minutes after launch?”

Elites Crash Company'S Website
Elites Crash Company’s Website

Apparently, Elites have trooped to the company’s website to either window shop or actually shop since they have always promised to support her and whoever she deals with.

Her fans in reaction to her tweet boasted of how they have succeeded in making her proud and also showing her rivals that she is indeed the competition.

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