Drama as Actress, Jemima Osunde and Ubi Franklin Clash Over IGP Visit

Mtv Sugar actress, Jemima Osunde and entertainment entrepreneur, Ubi Franklin had a go at it on twitter over the current issue plaguing the country, the #EndSARS.

This clash happened after Davido’s meeting with the Inspector General of Police over the recent protests. Other public figures like Ubi Franklin, D’Banj, Segalink, CDQ and Korede Bello joined Davido in his rendezvous with the police force and took some photos as well.

Not impressed by this the actress came out to tweet,

“I don’t know about you but I didn’t send Ubi Franklin me Dbanj to represent me. #SARSMUSTEND”

Drama As Actress, Jemima Osunde And Ubi Franklin Clash Over Igp Visit 1

This was the beginning of the clash between the two as Ubi came across the tweet and responded angrily that he did not go over to the force headquarters to represent her, he only accompanied Davido to see the IGP and ordered her to ‘shut up’.

Jemima came back to the fight even more prepared as she told him that he does not have the adequacies to tell her to shut up and also slammed him for saying she was not important enough to comment on his visit. She wrote,

”First of all, not in a million years or in your wildest imagination will you be able to shut me up. Even as an “accompaniment” you ain’t it! Not now not ever! As a matter of fact, I am IMPORTANT! We all are and this is OUR fight. You are in no place to speak on our behalf”

Drama As Actress, Jemima Osunde And Ubi Franklin Clash Over Igp Visit 2

She continued telling him that he had no right to have a closed-door meeting on her behalf or that of any Nigerian youth

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