Dowen College: TBoss Reacts to Kemi Olunloyo’s Comment About Sylvester

Following the ongoing investigation regarding the death of Sylvester, a Dowen college student who seniors tortured in a bit to initiate him into cultism, Kemi Olunloyo noted that the victim wanted to be a part of the cult, and that was why he was beaten.

The journalist affirmed that Sylvester was influenced by peer pressure and agreed to be beaten and drank engine oil to be part of the cult group.

In reaction to this, Reality star TBoss, amongst other Nigerians, expressed her disappointment. Tboss posted on her Instagram story noting that Kemi had no respect for the family of the deceased, which she described as shameful.

Tboss said, “Ohhh, wow. Just wow.

I was raised well. I swear I was, but this woman makes me want to forget my home training and give her a piece of my mind.

Totally unhinged. No respect whatsoever for the dead or the family of the victim. So shameful. My skin was crawling just listening to her voice.

Kai God.

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