Dowen College Student Death: Victim’s Sister Shares Message Received From Accused

A family member of the Dowen College student who died due to the injuries sustained from seniors in the school has shared screenshots of the message received from one of the accused.

In the message received by Mimi Oromoni, a sister of late Sylvester Oromoni, one of the suspects who used a fake page to chat her up, vowed that the case would come to an end and there would be no justice served.

The accused further claimed that his father is a good friend to the chief justice, which makes him not bothered by Nigerians’ noise over the death of a 12-year-old college student, Sylvester.

Sylvester’s sister assured the suspect that “Karma” would soon meet up with him for his evil act. 

She said, “No worry, karma will catch up to you soon. You and your stupid Ansel. Una dey crase for una head no worry.”

Reacting to her threat, the accused noted that the case would soon end while betting to give her 500k when it eventually happens. He further added that money could do many things in Nigeria, and his father has a good relationship with the chief justice, so he is unbothered.

Dowen College Student Death: Victim'S Sister Shares Message Received From Accused
Dowen College Student Death: Victim Sister Shares Message Received From Accused
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