Dowen College Student Death: Seun Kuti Questions Nigerians

Following the Dowen college student death in Lagos state, angry Nigerians and celebrities have called for justice for the victim.

Singer Seun Kuti also weighed in on the incident as he took to his social media page to question Nigerians on cultism.

The singer said, “Shebi una wan be gangstars!!

Gangstar this and that.

Everyone acting like criminal mindset is healthy, but you forget the young ones looking up to and at you!

More than the cultists, what are we doing about cults!!

His caption to the post questioned if now is the time to stand up against cults in Nigeria or people would do the usual.

It reads, “Is this when we decide to rise up against cults all over this country, or we just wanna do the usual.

Reacting to Seun Kuti’s post, some Nigerians and celebrities agreed with him as they noted that many young ones in the country need to be sensitized.

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