Dowen College: Actress Uche Elendu Accused of Bully

Following the death of the Dowen college student, there has been many calling out and people sharing their experiences of getting bullied. As regards this, some celebrities were not left out.

Shortly after Beverly Osu was called out for being a bully in secondary school, actress Uche Elendu has also been called out by an Instagram user through the microblogging app.

The Instagram user known as @ij_dinobi, seeing that the actress was also fighting for justice for the Dowen college victim, accused her (Uche Elendu) of bullying her sister in secondary school.

In her post, she stated that the actress had a double standard while urging people to call out every bully with the aim of cleaning the society.

She said, “There is one actress that bullied my sister in secondary school. She, too writing #justiceforsylvester. Double standards sha! 

My sister saw this girl after she has graduated at a wedding and she was still scared. Her name is Uche Elendu @ucheelendu @instablog9ja


@instablog9ja @ucheelendu #justiceforsylvester

Let’s call them out. Let’s cleanse the society. No judgement, but we all need to do right by our kids. It starts with you and I.” The Instagram user added.

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