Dorathy Bachor Full Biography, Big Brother Naija Season 5 Housemate

Full Name: Dorathy Bachor

Gender: Female

State of Origin: Lagos

Age: 24

Date of Birth: November 4

Occupation: Procurement Business

Best Colour: Black

Best Food: Plantain and Sea Food Pasta

Choice Car: BMW X Drive

Best Nigerian Artist : Davido and Don Jazzy

Best Movie: Money Heist

Instagram Handle: Thedorathybachor

Dorathy Bachor Full Biography, Big Brother Naija Season 5 Housemate

Dorathy Bachor is a 24-year-old Nigerian from Delta State but lives in Lagos. She is the founder and CEO of Shopforme, an online ecommerce store that distributes feminine wears across the globe.

She is a attended the Joseph Ayo Babalola University, JABU, in Osun State and she served in Calabar, Cross River.

Dorathy Bachor in her introductory video, she accepted that she likes food but she does not like Ogbonno soup. She also would not mind sleeping for long hours.

Not much is know about her education and parents but she is known for being passionate and happy at all times. She thinks she will not intentionally maltreat anyone, but the way you approach her will go along way in determining her reaction to you.

She likes people who laugh at her jokes and those who make her laugh. If she is get a super power, she would like the one that would make her read and control people’s minds.

Dorathy Bachor, does not have a speck but she wants a man the respects and loves her.

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