“Don’t Be a Witch in the Morning”- Tacha Fumes

Tacha Fumes

Tacha the former BBNaija housemate has screamed so loud on social media, as she cautions about fairness especially about mental health awareness.

The popular social media influencer took to Twitter to warn about the manner in which people tear others apart.

In her hot and resounding tweet, she stressed that people who engage in mental health awareness should do so unconditionally.

She wrote, Listen! If you’re going to show empathy, show empathy to all, don’t be a witch in the morning and an Angel at night. Mental Health Awareness should be UNCONDITIONAL. Funny how people will make excuses for you when they love and tear the ones they hate apart. IT NOT OKAY!”

Though she did not state who she was directing her tweet to, it was certain that she is angry about something related to unfair treatment of someone by another.

She also went ahead in another tweet to talk about how bullies can cause things like depression which can lead to suicide.

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