Don Jazzy’s Ex-Wife Visits Lagos, Shares Terrifying Experience

Michelle Jackson, the ex-wife of Marvin Records boss, Don Jazzy, has shared her very terrifying experience on her first night in Lagos, Nigeria.

The British model and songwriter who disclosed that she is in Nigeria on holiday shared her first night experience. 

Michelle Jackson updated a video diary of her visit on her Instagram page and said she was almost shot at by the Police.

In a 4minutes long video, the 41-year-old revealed that she and her friend went for a night out, and met some policemen on the road.

“There was a guy in a really nice car, and the police had tried to stop the guy in his car and the car zoomed off, almost literally running over this policeman.

”I looked back and he had zoomed off and the policeman had stumbled and then I saw the policeman lift his rifle like he was going to shoot and I’m not kidding you.

“I’m laughing about it now but my friend and I didn’t laugh about it. We literally docked our heads and the guy just sped off.”

Don Jazzy’s ex-wife further disclosed that there was a lot of police stop on the road, but their saving grace was that they had security personnel with them. 

“There were lots of police and they will come to the window but we had security and when they saw their colleagues they just sort of left us alone and we were allowed to go,” she added. 

“Nigerian is a whole vibe, It’s so different to what I’ve been used to. Nigeria is such a beautiful country the people and all, but I witnessed something today that I will never want to witness again. I was scared. What would have happened if we weren’t travelling with our security? What would that look like?”

Don Jazzy married Michelle Jackson who was 2 years older than him in 2003 but broke up after 2 years. 

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