Don Jazzy Asks Female Singers to Expose Randy Producers

Music mogul and Mavins record label boss Don Jazzy asks female singers to courageously call out randy music producers and media personalities if need be.

The music executive showed a great deal of concern towards the plight of most female singers in the Nigerian music industry who have to scale through various hurdles, including sexual harassment, to break through in their career.

Don Jazzy Asks Female Singers to Expose Randy Producers

In an interview with BBC, Don Jazzy share the disappointing cases of many female singers who have been subjected to harassment from producers and TV personalities asking for sex in return for promoting their music.

Don Jazzy Asks Female Singers To Expose Randy Producers 1
Don Jazzy Asks Female Singers to Expose Randy Producers

He stated that he was aware of this because he runs a label with both male and female artists, so he observes the system. He also admitted that he had been privy to conversations between a female singer and various producers; apparently, everyone wants sex.

Taking this conversation further, he encouraged the singer to call the perverts out whenever they experience such. In his words;

“If these young ladies start calling them out, that’s a start. If a producer says he wants to sleep with you, call him out!”

Finally, he advised that families and the society at large should do better in raising the boy child to tackle the problem from the root and aid in fixing the system.

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