DJ Cuppy Reveals why she Clashed With Kiddwaya

Nigerian Disk Jockey DJ Cuppy has revealed the reason for her clash with Kiddwaya and how it has been unbearable for her.

The London based Nigerian revealed this during a podcast with Pretty Little Things, published on Wednesday.

DJ Cuppy and Kiddwaya had a fallout during a British Documentary TV show, Highlife, which they both featured and has since strained their real-life relationship.

The 29-year-old DJ said, “That was tough for me because it was real life for the viewers that don’t understand. My friend and I had an actual falling out during highlife, and that was on camera, which was okay, but it was tough because we fell out.”

“I don’t know how else to explain that. When you and your friend fall out, it’s not nice. It wasn’t easy, but Kidd is a great guy. He’s a superstar. There were some funny moments on the show,” she continued.

It can be recalled sometime during the show that DJ Cuppy poured a glass of drink for Kiddwaya before he said that Cuppy’s billionaire lifestyle was the reason she was single.

She replied to the statement saying, “What would you do when a guy says, ‘I can see this is why you’re single?’ What do you do? And also, why is being single being used against me?”

“He is single himself, which is quite interesting. A single guy in Nigeria is like, ‘ohhh, you’re the man.’ I’m so sick of this patriarchy. It’s tough but what I would say is that I’m glad we made up. We’re fine now, and I have so much respect for him,” she concluded.

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