Education Adds Zaddy, 1,200 New Words

The managing editor of, John Kelly, has confirmed the addition of Zaddy and over 300 new words to the website. The over 300 new words include terms originating from slang, meme culture and social justice movements.

According to Kelly, the world’s leading online English-language Dictionary added words like “yeet,” “5G”, “oof,” “cultural appropriation,” “deplatform,” “Domestic terrorism,” “snack,” “zaddy”, “y’all,” “silver fox,” “slide hustle,” “long COVID.” “Aunt Jemima,” among others.

Kelly, who explained how culture had influenced the Dictionary’s definition of existing brands and words, said adding these phrases and words to its lexicon would make it easy for users to ask Alexa for the meaning of the new words.


The managing editor further noted that the addition of the new words is not only significant because the site is the world’s leading resource for looking up words and phrases. Kelly opined that the company’s lexicon also provides definitions for Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant.

Meanwhile, the meaning of Zaddy is an attractive man who is also stylish, charming, and self-confident.

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