Developer Narrates How Potential Girlfriend Died of Ritual Killing

A developer into the real estate business in Abuja narrated how a girl he found promising and wanted to make her his fiancee was allegedly killed for ritual.

The real estate developer, Mr Atoyebi Taofiq Olajide, described the young lady (now late) as a gorgeous girl who declined from dating him because he could not pay her bills the way she would have wanted.

Olajide revealed that the lady (name withheld) preferred someone she saw before to him because of the lavish spendings from her supposed boyfriend.

It was gathered that Olajide liked the lady, but she told him that she was not interested in him after a date because he couldn’t handle her bills, adding that she’d only go out with yahoo boys.

Unfortunately, the real estate developer disclosed that what he heard regarding her current whereabouts was shocking as a friend to the deceased lady told him her suspected yahoo boyfriend killed her and cut off her breast from the body.

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