See The Details of What Caused The 1st Commotion Among The Love Guests

The 1st commotion among the love guest that created uneven atmosphere and chaos in the house pad. The commotion, however, began when Bolanle poke nosed in others affairs by telling Michael that “JELO” which is Jenny Koko and Louis had agreed to nominate them “Michael and Cherry” for possible check out even before it became official.

The whole gossip and “poke nosing” backfired when, Michael became curious and decided to know why his so called love guest friend could harbor such undue plan for him. On airing the question, Louis partner Jenny Koko being disappointed with Bolanle for such act, got upset and started scolding severely on Bolanle for telling on her. Seeing the way, she was characterized by anger and enraged, the entire love guests have to get involved so as to remedy the situation.

1St Commotion Among The Love Guests
1st Commotion among the love guests

As the commotion gears up, Cherry couldn’t hold the ways she feels and started calling them names. She called Jenny Koko a “mad dog” and Louis a liar among others, which made the whole chaos worst. Jenny Koko also indicated impending evil or mischief on Cherry, to “WASH” her if she tries her again.

 As the commotion increased, Cherry justifiably angry by the betrayal she felt, allowed her temper to get the better part of her when Obi and Michael came to haul her away as the whole commotion was actually firing up to a fight. Thank God for the intervention of Aunty, who knows what it could have escalated to.

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