Death of Nigerian Tech Guy Causes Stirs on Social Media

The death of a Nigerian Tech guy identified as David Ntekim-Rex has caused a fresh stir in Nigeria with social media users asserting that the country as again failed one of them.

According to a Twitter User Roy Mustang, with handle @Magnanimous, the late David is one of the three sons of his auntie.

He made a tweet explaining how his cousin was shot dead during a robbery in Lagos while he was watched to die by some police officers.

Roy alleged that the police officers who at the scene of the robbery could not help David but questioned why the victim identified as a tech guy was with a computer system.

He added that the police officers did not only watch the now dead promising star battle for his life as he gasped for air, they also had time to take pictures.

He wrote; “David got shot around 8pm. The police were called, David hadn’t died yet. The Nigerian police stood and watched as he gasped for air. They took pictures instead, and were more concerned with why he – a tech guy- was carrying a laptop. Nigeria failed you, David.”

David’s death has made Nigerian raise concerns over the state of the country, while regretting that the country has failed them this recent one has further confirmed it.

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