Day 38: Ultimate Love Friday Night Ex Party Saga

Ultimate Love Friday party is always an electrifying event, with fears written all over the faces of Love Guests because none of them can tell whose ex will be invited to the party.

Aunty, during one of her chat with the Love Guests, told them that all of there ex had been contacted, and some of them would be invited for their Friday night parties.

Friday Night Party In Love Pad
Friday Night Party in Love Pad

Friday party on Ultimate Love is a tradition at the Love Pad where a Disc Jockey is invited to give music, while Aunty provides drinks including alcoholic ones. The dressing of the Love Guests and different types of dance steps show they are ready to enjoy the moment, yet they do not know what they expect.

While some enjoy the part to the fullest, some have their’s cut short when they are informed that they have a guest. Some of these guests may be a crush, an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.
Some of these moments have caused mixed reactions, jealousy, and full-blown quarrels between couples in the Love Pad.

Love Guests With Guests


Rosie, who is Kachi’s partner on the Ultimate Love reality TV show, has stressed it that she has found an abode in Kachi and is he is her haven. But during one of their Friday parties, she got two visitors who identified as her crushes. They came into the Love Pad to tell her how much interested they are in having her.

You do not need to think far about how Kachi felt; you would not expect that to feel like being at a cinema to him. He rebuked all devils that are on the mission to steal his babe. For the fact that one of the guys brought chocolates and body wash for her was such a pointer that Kachi might be on a very long thing.


Iyke and Theresa are arguably the first persons to choose a partner in the Love Pad and have since then been on a jolly ride. On one of these Friday parties, Iyke’s ex showed up, and hen adrenaline rush came in for Theresa, and other Love Guests had peace knowing they were safe for the week.

Iyke With His Ex During A Friday Night Party
Iyke with His Ex During a Friday Night Party

Having a long time to a private gist was not a nice one for Theresa, and you can imagine how her body temperature would have skyrocketed. For a lady who might want to pretend that she was not jealous, it will be difficult to entirely control your facial expression.

Long story cut short; she confessed to Iyke how jealous she was and how it was a tension-filled moment for her. Her man did well by making her know it would have been wrong if she did not feel jealous seeing him with another lady, especially one he once loved.


Arnold’s time out with his ex in the Love Pad during a Friday night party did not only spark jealousy but raised dust, which ended up in a row. The ex did not only come to have a chat with Arnold, considering how she ensured she touched him to her satisfaction.

The touch did not go unnoticed by baby Bolanle who showed not only to her man but to everyone who cares to listen that it wasn’t right to do that in her presence.

The fight from this episode did not end on Friday, with several family meetings held by the duo. Don’t blame Bolanle; you can put the blame on Aunty.

Presh Talker

Presh Talker also got her share of the Friday night pressure, when her ex was ushered into the courtyard during the party. Their chat was not such a threat to David because she even preached the Preshdavid gospel to him. She encouraged him to vote for her and her partner.

Presh With Her Ex During A Friday Night Party
Presh With Her Ex During a Friday Night Party

So even if David was to be jealous, he does not have anything to fear. Presh was able to manage the conversation well with little or no touch except a harmless hug.

This Day

Another party will start soon, and many of the Love Guests have been asking whose ex will be coming into the house today? To say that there are fears about this is an understatement.

Those who have not had their ex come into the Love Pad do not know what to expect. While they are getting afraid, it might not even happen again, considering the precations about the spread of the coronavirus.

Bringing anyone into the Love Pad amidst the growing fears might not be so advisable. Fingers are crossed, and we await what Aunty will do today.

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