Day 36 On Ultimate Love: Parrot Award For Love Guests

It is 36 days already on Ultimate love, and it is essential we begin to share awards with interesting categories like the Parrot category.

Before checking out started on the show, 24 Love Guests were comprising of 12 males and 12 females. But currently, there are only 16 of them remaining.

Day 36 Ultimate Love Parrot Award
Day 36 Ultimate Love parrot Award

So many people believe that women and talkative and can talk endlessly, but things have changed with men dragging the position with women. On Ultimate Love Show the Love Guests have shown their gifts and habits and behaviours, with this, it becomes easy to know who will bag the Parrot Award.

Love Guests

Day 36 Ultimate Love Parrot Award
Day 36 Ultimate Love parrot Award

Bolanle, Cherry, Ebiteinye, Rosie, Nkechi, Theresa, Chris, Jenny Koko, Presh Talker, Sylvia, and Meriton are the females who featured on the first edition of the Ultimate Love Reality TV Show.

The males on the show are Iyke, David, Michael, Louis, Uche, Jerry, Arnold, Jay, Kachi, and Obichukwu are the guys on the show.

Parrot Award Nomination

Who would you say among these Love Guests qualifies to grab this parrot award? Who talks most in the house? Would it be a guy or a lady? There are assertions that what a man can do; a woman can do better. But in this case, women are the ones tagged with the qualities required to win in this category, but can the man snatch it?

Nominate your favourite Love Guest for this award, and let’s enjoy the fun therein.

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