Davido’s Manager Responds To Cynthia Morgan’s Accusations

Story Highlights
  • Davido's manager reacts to Cynthia Morgan's accusations
  • Cynthia Morgan claims Davido ignored her
  • Asa Asika calls Cynthia Morgan a liar and clout-chaser

Asa Asika reacts to Cynthia Morgan’s accusations

The back and forth between Davido and Cynthia Morgan seems not to be coming to an end soon as Davido’s manager, Asa has said his bit on the situation.

Months ago, Cynthia Morgan resurfaced on the internet with her story of being cheated out of her music money and overall bad management from her former boss, Jude Engees Okoye of the Northside Entertainment.

This revelation brought empathy from Nigerians including the leader of the 30 Billion Gang, Davido. Following her debacle with Northside, Davido sent out a tweet asking Cynthia Morgan to call him.

Davido'S Manager Responds To Cynthia Morgan'S Accusations
Before Cynthia Morgan’S Accusations, Davido Asks Her To Call Him In May

From all indication, Cynthia did call him but according to her, he did not answer her calls. In her recent interview, she was asked about the situation with Davido and why she unfollowed him on Instagram when they were supposed to be working together. She said Davido ignored her calls, messages and didn’t get back to her on her demo verse which she recorded for a song she sent him so she had to cut him off.

Reacting to Cynthia Morgan‘s accusations, Davido’s manager, Asa Asika called her a liar and a clout-chaser because she didn’t say the entire truth on what transpired with Davido and was looking for how to shine again.

He said that if Davido really ignored her like she claimed then how did she get her hands on the song she did a verse for. Talking further in his newspaper interview, he said that the reason her song with Davido did not make the cut for his most recent album, ‘A Better Time’ was because he did not like it.

In his words,

“I actually do not like her verse. That is actually one of the reasons why we have not used the song. I personally do not like the song and I told David that I did not like it.”

Asa also mentioned that after all of Cynthia Morgan’s accusations, the possibility of working on that track or with her again was very low.

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