Davido Gains New Employment

Davido has gained a new employment along his flourishing music career.

The Nigerian musician announced his new employment on Twitter, where he posted the picture of his father’s multi-billion company, Pacific Holdings Limited.

The picture would not have given a complete gist, but the caption he gave it helped to spill the beans.

He wrote, ““omo nah 2021 o I dun dey chook head small small”

Davido Gains New Employment
Davido Gains New Employment

A look at his father’s company shows that his name has been added to the list of their Board of Directors.

Davido Gains New Employment
Davido Gains New Employment

He has since gotten a flood of congratulatory messages from his fans who are sharing in the joy of his new status as a Director in such huge company.

The Nigerian star has always talked about his choice to work hard for himself, as he has earlier stated that he would have been richer than he is now if he was working with his father.

As it is, he is now a Director of the company just as his brother, Wale and his father.

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