Davido: Dad Always Sends Police to Find me

Nigerian singer David Adeleke, known as Davido, said his dad always shuts down every show he is to appear because he stopped school.

The musician revealed this in a recent interview podcast on Earn Your Leisure published on Wednesday.

He Wanted me to First Finish School – Davido

Davido revealed that after he moved back to Nigeria, he dumped schooling for music which made his dad furious because he wanted him to finish his University Education.

“I was not in school as I was facing music full time. Over the years, he found out I was not in school, and there was a whole lot of drama,” Davido said.

He added that after he returned to Nigeria, the dad wanted him to go back to school, stating he could go back to music after getting his first degree — “which I’ve gotten. Thanks to God.”

He said he left school to pursue a career in music when he was informed people went crazy after his song was played in a club.

Davido added that after his dad heard he left school, he chased him around with the police, and the dad made sure to shut down any show he was scheduled to appear on.

“Then I dropped this one song called ‘Dami Duro’, and the song became so big that even the president was singing it. Even people my dad couldn’t even get to was singing it,” the singer said.

He noted that was the turning point between him and his dad as they made a deal for him to finish schooling but can attend shows when he does not have class schedules.

Davido got his degree in Business Management and Music after two to three years.

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