Davido Called Out By Cult Group For Using Code Word In ‘Fem’ Song

Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Davido has been called out by a cult group for using their code word in his latest song titled ‘Fem‘.

Davido reccently with a new song after he has been out of social media for over 3 months. The music star dropped ‘Fem’ which has since garnered over 2 million views on YouTube.

The song ‘Fem’ which is said to be a diss track for self-acclaimed ‘African Giant‘ has got him dragged by a cult group called ‘Axe Men‘. The group claimed ‘Fem’ is their code word and it is not meant to be used by the general public.

An Instagram user @valashperses stated that the music star is one of the biggest disgrace and embarrassment that has happened to their group. He also said that the fans of the music superstar took to the comment section of their trusted and confirmed member, Burnaboy to make use of their code word which is a big disgrace to the cult group.

Fem By Davido Reported To Be A Diss Tarck For Burnaboy
Fem by Davido reported to be a diss tarck for Burnaboy.

He wrote, ”@davidoofficial is one of the biggest disgrace and embarrassment that has ever happened to the @nbmafrica and it’s sickening to see some so called ‘AXE MEN’ dancing and vibing to a song that literally desecrates what we stand for as Axe men”

If our terms were meant to be used by the general population I’m not sure it wouyld be ”secret”. Now both boys and girls (jews) and all can now use the word FEM. To the extent that they were even commenting on a bam and trusted Axe man’s page @burnaboygram and now telling him FEM”

What a disgrace. All this because our nationals and most of us have forgotten ourselves and what we stand for. Some many, uncountable men with wisdom and focus have given literally their lives for this same movement and this is what they get? I bet every falling Axe Man would be rolling in their graves right now. I must say’‘ he concluded.

Meanwhile, Davido took to Twitter yesterday to reply almost all trolls relating to the new song, ‘Fem‘. In one of the replies, the Afrobeat singer claimed that he’s bigger than a hater’s fave which made the Twitter user to claim Wizkid as his favorite artist.

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