Dancer Kaffy Makes Shocking Revelation About Her Divorce

Record-breaking Nigerian dancer, Kafayat Shafau, popularly known as Kaffy, made some shocking revelations about what happened before her marriage collapsed. 

Kaffy, in a recent interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, stated that she was celibate in her marriage for three years. 

Kaffy announced divorce from her husband Joseph Ameh in January 2022, stating they both need time apart to become the best version of themselves. 

In the latest interview, the 41-year-old accused her now estranged husband of cheating with her best friend and only started healing after she stopped having sex with him.

“Let me tell you when I started healing; when I stopped sleeping with my husband. I was celibate in my marriage for three years before getting a divorce,” she said.

She further added that women in love often than not are blinded to not seeing the red flags in marriage, but now understand that marriage is an alignment of assignment. 

Kaffy Said, “I was thinking at the beginning that I have found someone else that would make me happy. That’s the most selfish thinking that any human being can have for another human being.”

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