Dancer Kaffy Breaks Silence on Her Divorce From Joseph Ameh

Famous Nigerian dancer Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau, known as Kaffy, has spoken out on her divorce from her husband, Joseph Ameh, the music director and former drummer for Psquare.

This revelation surprised people as they noted that no one even realized the duo had been separated while referring to it as maturity.

Talking about marriage and Separation, Kaffy, via her podcast, Justkaffy podcast, said she had always wanted to see her ex in the best version of himself.

Dancer Kaffy Breaks Silence on Her Divorce From Joseph Ameh

Both of them going their separate way and taking a chance to divorce was also to see that they both grew in what they were supposed to be. However, she noted that her marriage did not work out the way marriage is meant to.

She also motivated people stating that “Life is not about reacting to the world, what the world wants you to hear, be, wear, want you to look like, want you to marry.

Her caption also reads, “Separation isn’t the end of life for both parties involved. In fact, if you both are honest about why you have to go apart, you will realize how much better life can be. Some people make it back, some don’t. What is ultimate is the outcome borne out of love !

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