Cute Abiola Finally Released From Detention

Nigerian online comedian and Naval Officer Abdulgafar Ahmad, famously known as Cute Abiola, has finally regained freedom from detention after three weeks.

The Naval Officer was declared missing by his comedian colleague Debo ‘Mr Macaroni’ on November 15, 2021, before the Nigerian Navy refutes the publication stating that he was in detention for violating armed forced social media policy.

Ahmad was said to have posted a video of himself in military uniform on social media, which is a violation of armed forces ethics.

The Naval spokesperson, Commodore Suleman Dahun, revealed that the comedian failed to show up when he was summoned to plead his case but only resumed office on November 15, 2021, after the expiration of his leave.

Dahun revealed that Cute Abiola knowingly violated the Armed Forces’ social media policy and was punished for indiscipline and misconduct.

He confirmed that Cute Abiola is no longer in detention and was released to serve an aditional punishment of one month extra duty.

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