Suspected Criminal Vows To Torment Nigerian Clerics (PHOTO)

Officers of the Nasarawa State Police Command have arrested a suspected armed robber who specialises in stealing from Nigerian clerics.

The suspect, identified as Federick Ugah, confessed that he singled out clerics for attacks because of how a Catholic reverend father in Kaduna State frustrated his ambition to become a Lawyer.

Ugah said he dropped out of the university as a 400 level student of Law after serving reverend fathers in the Kogi Diocese of the Catholic church before moving to Abuja and later to Kaduna.

The suspect confessed that he decided to serve reverend fathers as an altar boy to help him foot his education bills.

Ugah noted that the Reverend Father, who was sponsoring him, attempted to turn him into his sex partner but later falsely accused him of stealing some money belonging to the parish following his refusal.

Nigerian Clerics

Suspected Criminal Vows To Torment Nigerian Clerics (Photo)
Suspected Criminal, Federick Ugah, who Vows To Torment Nigerian Clerics.

The suspect, who was arrested for snatching a car from a reverend father, vowed that he would continue to torment reverend fathers across the country for the rest of his life.

Meanwhile, the Nasarawa State Commissioner of Police, Bola Longe, described Ugah as a notorious criminal who specialised in tormenting priests and Imams, adding that the suspect would be charged to court.

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