Creating Your Own Goodwill And Happiness

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

When you do things that scare you, great outcomes will be met on the other side. While it’s a cliche, the idea that “with great risk comes great reward” is an idea that needs to be embraced. When you have the ability to control your natural instinct to avoid things that scare you, you start do the things that no one else will. You start chasing the life of your dreams with your eyes on the prize.

The greatest human accomplishments are reached from someone who starts from an uncomfortable place. Whether you’re striving to create a better world or a better business; one way to gauge whether or not you’re doing something substantial is how uncomfortable you are when you start.

Be Responsible For Your Own Actions

Make no excuses and don’t point fingers at others for the cards you’ve been dealt. Instead of believing that the problems in your life are the result of someone else’s actions, think and realize that your life is what you make it. Do not allow yourself to be limited to what you believe you’re capable of. Push the boundaries and test the constraints of external forces as you come upon them, and in the process learn which can bend, and which can break. Recognize what you’ve done to get yourself where you are and utilize this knowledge to do things that will create a positive future.

Being productive is way better than being busy.

Stop celebrating the fact that you’re busy. More times than not, being busy is simply mental stimulation that gets us nowhere. Instead of working harder, work smarter. Work on things that will actually allow you to make a significant stride towards what you’re hoping to accomplish. Instead of running on a wheel like a hampster make some priorities. Identify what you’re hoping to accomplish from a goal perspective and chase it.

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