Cow Kicks Tacha, Reveals Her Birthday Disaster Story

Cow Kicks Tacha

Tacha has revealed the things that happened to her during the preparation for her 25th birthday celebration that was held on December 23, 2020.

The BBNaija star made the revelations in her just released vlog dedicated to happenings before and during her 25th birthday.

She recalled how she started making noise about the day right from December 1, showing how special her birthday this year means to her.

Tacha did not need to invite her fans, “the Titans” who took over the announcement and preparation of the day.

However, in her recent vlog, she revealed how she went to buy a cow for the celebration but had a terrible experience while doing so.

According to her,Tacha @ 25 was written on the cow and she was persuaded to take a picture with the cow, only to be kicked by the cow.

Cow Kicks Tacha
Cow Kicks Tacha

Tacha added that though video of the accident was not made public, it was such a scary one she would not forget.

After recovering from the cow kicking her, she was overwhelmed with the show of love from her fans, friends and several well-wishers.

Amidst the joy of the day, another thing happened. Tacha revealed how a beautify cake presented to her got broken while being transferred to the venue of the birthday.

Tacha'S Birthday Cake Broke
Tacha’s Birthday Cake Broke

The breaking of the beautiful cake was however not the only thing that happened before the celebration, they also had a problem with the venue.

According to her, getting to the earlier arranged venue, she discovered that the hotel was not her taste.

She did not get a place that she liked for her celebration until they got to the third hotel. Finally, the third hotel did the magic and the party stared despite being behind schedule.

Not minding being kicked by a cow, cake breaking on the way to the birthday venue and not getting a good venue until they moved round Lagos, she still ensured that she had fun.

Her 25th birthday celebration had Nigerian celebrities like Don Jazzy, Dr Sid, BamBam, Titans, and some other Nigerian actresses.

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