COVID-19: Ondo State Ministry Of Transport Warns Against Overcrowding

Given the outbreak of Coronavirus, COVID-19 in Nigeria, the Ondo State Ministry of Transport has reeled out measures to curb the further spread of the virus in buses, cabs, tricycles, Okada, motor parks and garages in the state.

In a statement signed by the Special Adviser to Ondo State Governor on Transport, Tobi Ogunleye, the ministry said all transport operators and companies are expected to sanitize their parks and garages regularly before and after each trip.

Also, transport Operators were expected to have washing hand equipment with soap and running water at the entrance of their parks and garages.

Ondo State

Transport operators were asked to have alcohol-based sanitizers in their vehicles for the use of drivers, conductors, and passengers.

The ministry also warned against overcrowding, adding that transport companies and operators must fully observe passenger’s spacing as all buses were expected to be 60% and not 100% capacity.

Ondo State

Drivers of tricyclists, Okada riders, and conductors were advised to wear hand gloves and nose guides while on transit.

Passengers were advised to regularly wash their hands with soap and running water before and after each trip as they were also expected to report a suspected case of COVID-19 to the ministry.

Moreover, passengers were asked to report operators or companies that do not comply with the guidelines to the ministry of transport.

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