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COVID-19 Must Leave Our World

COVID-19 you just have to leave

Zoonotic you are yet you can’t live here

From camels to civet cats you want to be like a beehive

Oh! Why would novel corona want to be another heir?

Why would you cause an outbreak and want to thrive?

Coronavirus just needs to go to hell.

COVID-19 is another deadly virus

Respiratory systems your target, what an evil!

From the Middle East to China and parts of the world you want to arrest us

Aargh! Are you another plan of the devil?

Hygiene! Hygiene!! Hygiene!!! That will stop your attack on us

Coronavirus! You just have to find your level.

Covid-19 Must Leave Our World 1

COVID-19 why stop our activities?

No more sporting gathering due to your micro-self

Wu Han City is yet to hold major festivities

Huh! See what you’ve done to the human race and yourself

Soon we’ll find an end to your nativity

Coronavirus will be dealt with by ourselves.

COVID-19 your end is near

Bats or snakes whatever is your source you can’t stand

Just like Swine flu, Zika & Ebola you are staying nowhere

Wow! Get the vaccines and let us return to our football stands

What is epidemic when your strain becomes rare?

Coronavirus is a call to proper hygiene, it won’t gain ground.

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