COVID-19 Drug Trial Starts in Nigeria

The WHO has begun COVID-19 drug trial in Nigeria. The Country Representative of WHO, Fiona Braka, revealed this at a briefing of the Presidential Task Force on Coronavirus in Abuja.

Lagos, FCT, Ogun, Kaduna, Sokoto and Kano states have earlier signed the solidarity testing of the drug in their states. This is to enable the cure for coronavirus found in the shortest possible time.

COVID-19 Drug Trial Starts in Nigeria

According to Fiona Braka, the testing is currently being done across many countries in the world, including Nigeria. The purpose of to gather comprehensive information globally to create grounds for country-specific formulations. She also revealed that these drugs that are being tested are not new. According to her, they are drugs that are being repurposed for the intention of finding a cure for coronavirus.

Fiona also mentioned that though the infection rate in children is reportedly low, there are situations of high numbers in children found in Europe and North America.

COVID-19 Drug Trial Starts in Nigeria

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