Coronavirus: Who Will Save Kano?

Kano people will not hear word. Burials are taking place everywhere. The victims are mostly killed by Coronavirus. The people don’t care. They prepare the body and bathed it without protection. They contracted the virus. Hundreds escort the body to cemetery. They stayed there and mixed together and passed the virus to each other.

After the burial they return to the deceased’s home in hundreds and spend three days mourning and praying and passing the virus to each other. Everyone goes home and infects members of his family. Old habits will not give way to caution. Weddings and naming ceremonies still hold with crowds in the night after fasting.

People continue to observe prayers in congregation. They gather in dozens outside breaking fast. After that they pray together without observing social distancing. Congregation prayers are holding everywhere in regular mosques. The government only banned Friday prayers leaving the smaller regular mosques to make nonsense of its intentions.

Almajiri is everywhere attending their dirty and congested schools. Those the government decides to export to their states were sent without testing thereby compounding the problems of other states.

Kano people consider shaking hands as religious rituals. If you refuse handshake you are an enemy. They refuse to stay at home. Keke Napep is defying order and carrying overloaded passengers.

The disease has entered its second stage with ferocity. After getting entry into the country and distributing itself, it is now into community infections, doing what it knows best especially where docility and ignorance are ripe. Kano is one of the most fertile place for epidemics to nurture and wreck havoc.

Coronavirus is affecting even those in denial. At least they can’t treat other diseases because the hospitals systems have collapsed. Doctors are running away from patients for fear of infections. If you are broke and run for help the people to help you have been pauperized by Coronavirus. Their businesses have been closed.

It looks like Federal Government has failed to beat Kano people to order. The people can’t sit at home for just 14 days for the virus to show itself and be tamed among people. There are no strong words from elders. The government is in denial and playing politics. At this time it rejected a hospital donated by Kwankwaso.

This virus has no respect for party affiliation. Kwankwasiyya and Gandujiya should work together. After the virus is defeated they can go back to their normal fights. Without Kano people there is no Kano and no office to contest.

By Aliyu Nuhu

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