Coronavirus in Nigeria: Still Thinking of Getting Pregnant?

Are you Still Thinking of Getting Pregnant with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, ? Well, you might want to get your facts straight before taking such a huge step in a time like this. 

Alongside multiple uncertainties surrounding the Coronavirus, there are yet more questions to be answered when it is paired with pregnancy or the possibility of such.

Although at the moment, there is no proof that contracting the Coronavirus while pregnant will lead to any complications, it should be noted that health probabilities do not usually go well with pregnancy.

According to, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine released a statement advising that all fertility clinics be closed, and there should be no new fertility treatment until further notice. 

According to this organisation, this decision was made to ensure that the fertility clinics contribute their share to the fight against Coronavirus.

Still Thinking of Getting Pregnant: Possibility of Low Immunity To Fight Coronavirus

Being pregnant, in most cases, is said to reduce the strength of the immune system of the expectant mother.

According to a study, there is a high possibility that because of the introduction of new cells into the body, it may result in a reduced immunity against infection-causing organisms introduced into the body.

Relating this to the problem of a coronavirus infection, which is a viral infection, the body needs a robust immune system to fight infections from the body.

 Although there are cases of mortality and severe symptoms amongst the strong immunity group, the circumstances of recovery from the Coronavirus is still more amongst this group of the population. 

Though pregnancy tends to disrupt the immune system, in some cases is it still a great idea to get pregnant in the middle of a pandemic like a coronavirus?

However, in Nigeria, where our health system is not one to bank on, I bet you need your immune system in its best state at a time like this.

Still Thinking of Getting Pregnant: Hospitals are Death Traps Now

Aside from the risk of a low immune system during a pandemic as a result of pregnancy, pregnancy is synonymous with hospital visits in many cases. 

With hospitals topping the list of a high risk of infectious places this period, it is advisable to enjoy intimacy with your partner and not take it to the reproductive stage for now.

I am saying make the lockdown a special honeymoon time out with your partner and do all you an to avoid grave consequences from the beautify moment. 

Coronavirus In Nigeria: Still Thinking Of Getting Pregnant?
Coronavirus in Nigeria: Still Thinking of Getting Pregnant?

Still Thinking of Getting Pregnant: How Great is Your Pocket Doing?

Coronavirus, which is the worst enemy of humanity at the moment, is not only killing souls in their thousands; it is without mercy attacking and destroying other spheres of our existence.

The ailing world economy has not only tested positive for the virus, but its vital organs are presently being damaged with life about to be snuffed out of it.

The Coronavirus is causing a lot of negative tension in almost all the sectors of the economy. The probability of job security is reduced to the lowest level. 

Millions of jobs have been lost already, while those who might still have theirs are already counting their losses after suffering a ridiculous pay cut.

The inflation rate is also on a galloping stage as against very little money in circulation. It could be safe to say that the world’s economy is currently experiencing a recession like never experienced before. 

Indeed, this is the time you will want to count the cost all over before thinking of getting pregnant, I mean, that comes with a lot of financial consequences.

Coronavirus in Nigeria: Still Thinking of Getting Pregnant?

So, are you still thinking of getting pregnant in the middle of a pandemic? The lockdown order might be sending some signals more than usual, be sure to sort your odds before embarking on a co-creation journey; you might want to be away from such places.

I agree with the phrase, “never say never.” It might not be right to say a resounding, “Never” to getting pregnant at this time; after all, it is the best news ever for couples waiting to hold their bundle of joy.

Coronavirus in Nigeria: Still Thinking of Getting Pregnant?

Some doctors have also advised that the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown order issued on most locations have given enough time for the always busy couples to relax and get into the baby-making mood.

What would one say about you getting what will bring joy and smile to your face, even when there seems nothing capable of bringing comfort at this moment around the world?

Above all, count the cost and ensure you can afford the price for your joy and comfort.

Coronavirus in Nigeria: Still Thinking of Getting Pregnant?

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