Coronavirus: Spain, Czech Drag China Over Substandard Test Kits

Spain and Czech

Spain and Czech are both dragging China for allegedly supplying them rapid test kits that substandard and has failed to accurately detect the status of persons tested for Coronavirus.

According to medical practitioners in Spain and Czech, the rapid test kits supplied by China failed in about 70 to 80 percent of times used in carrying out the tests.

China In Substandard Test Kit Scandal
China in Substandard Test Kit Scandal

Report revealed that these two countries are part of countries that acquired hundreds of thousands of tests from China and meant to tell the state of the person being tested in less than 30 minutes.

But healthcare professionals have lamented that the tests are unreliable.

“The rapid tests, manufactured by the Chinese company Bioeasy, based in Shenzhen, have a sensitivity of 30 percent when it should be higher than 80 percent,”

Czech authorities ordered 300,000 of the rapid tests for some $2 million. At least 150,000 of the test kits have already arrived. They came from Shenzhen, though the authorities haven’t released the name of the supplier.

 China And Substandard Test Kit
China and Substandard Test Kit

Czech media quoted some of the regional health officials’ comments on the case.

“Unfortunately, the error rate was relatively high, so we’re now waiting for results of further testing from the whole country,” said Pavla Svrcinova, public health officer of the Ostrava region in the northeast of the small central European country.

Czech is one of the nations of the world battling the Coronavirus pandemic, having about 2,000 cases and nine dead as of March 27.

Meanwhile, Spain is one of the worst affected, with over 64,000 cases and nearly 5,000 dead.

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