Coronavirus: Port-Harcourt, Enugu Returnees Test Positive In Bauchi

Two out of 78 returnees that arrived Bauchi State from Port-Harcourt and Enugu state respectively have tested positive for coronavirus.

This was confirmed by the Bauchi State Governor Bala Mohammed at a press briefing in the state Government House on the Coronavirus pestilence.

The governor expressed his sadness over the skyrocketing number of confirmed cases in the state, highlighting that apart from the six index positive cases, including himself recorded in the state, the new cases are returnees from other states.

He ordered that all returnees or visitors from high-risk states be isolated.

He said: ”We have so far traced 625 contacts, and the new cases we have recorded so far are not from the index case but from returnees from Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Enugu and Port -Harcout.

”Currently, we have a total of 29 confirmed cases , the number increased from 14 to 29 with in few days. Six are already discharged while 23 are active cases.

“Out of the 78 artisans that came back to the state from Port- harcort and Enugu state, two tested positive, 11 returnees from Lagos are also under screening including 42 almagiris from Kano and all their samples have being taken as we await their result.

“Other Almajiris received are from Kaduna and Gombe states. We are also in the process of quarantining them. We have quarantined about 377 returnees and almajiris all together.” The governor said.

As part of efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus, the Governor has earlier signed into law an Executive Order on Coronavirus.

The order, which is tagged: “Bauchi State Infectious Disease Prevention Regulations” would also cover the COVID-19 partial lockdown of the State.

According to a statement issued by Special Assistant on New Media to the Governor, Lawal Muazu Bauchi, “Special Mobile Court has been set up to ensure the enforcement of the order while penalties for the offenders of the order have also been designed.

“Under the order signed by the governor, penalties for offenders are as follows:

“Violators of the partial lockdown to pay N5,000;

“Those on essential services to use face masks or to pay N5,000;

“Achaba operators to pay N5,000 if caught;

“Violators of social distancing to pay N5,000;

“Keke Napep without observing social distancing, N10,000;

“Vehicles, N20,000;

“Vehicles coming from other states to pay N20,000;

“Trucks to pay N30,000.”

After signing the order on Tuesday, the Governor ordered the arrest of over 100 persons who arrived Bauchi from high risk States of COVID-19. They had been taken to isolation centres.

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